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Terms and Conditions: Cheque with order unless prior arrangements have been made. All claims to be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. No exchange on unpacked cards.

Card# Design Name Quantity Card# Design Name Quantity
1 Flannel Flower
15 Rose "Joyfulness"
2 Native Peas
16 Rose "Aotearoa"
3 Eucalyptus Caesia
17 Rose "Apricot Nectar"
4 Banksia Serrata
18 Rose "Altissimo"
5 Guinea Flower (Hibbertia)
19 Rose "Peace"
6 Banksia Integrifolia
20 Rose "Iceberg"
7 Eucalyptus Leucoxylon
21 Rose "Irene Watts"
8 Acacia Terminalis
22 White Camellia
9 Flame Tree
23 Grapes
10 Acacia Saligna
24 Daffodils
11 Angophora Hispida
25 Purple Hibiscus
12 Banksia Ericifolia
26 Tulips
13 Queensland Fire Wheel
27 Bearded Iris "Spring Child"
14 Crested Moss Rose
28 Berries

MIXED packs consist of six (6) different cards, with envelopes, the selection of the artist, in acello pack. They make and ideal gift pack for travellers, and for flower lovers of all ages.

P# Name (Packs $12.50 each)
P1 Native Pack - 6 cards selected from D1 to D13
P2 Rose Pack - 6 cards selected from D14 to D21
P3 Garden Pack - 6 cards selected from D14 to D28
P4 Mixed pack - 3 cards from P1 and 3 cards from P3
  Name (Gift Tags $0.50 each)
A Gum Blossom
B Rosebud
C Cherry Blossom
D Berries
E Banksia
F Hibiscus
G Guinea Flower
H Grapes
Order and Cost Summary
Single Cards @ $2.50 each
Packs @ $12.50 each
Gift Tags @ $0.50 each
Postage and Handling
TOTAL (excluding GST)



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